Our Story

My passion for pasta was born many years ago, when as a child I watched with curiosity and puzzlement my grandma dancing around the kitchen table with a rolling pin in her hand intent on rolling out a yellow sheet. From under the table I was oblivious the importance of what was inadvertently being installed in my mind.


Due to the pandemic crisis in my industry, I lost my job as a chef, but I didn’t give up. So one morning while walking with my wife and my doughter, I had an idea. Starting from where it all began, Pasta!


My goal is to create a product accessible to all, of high quality and made with love. May it bring families together around a table to spend some time together and for a second make you go back in time, when you too where a child with your grandma.

Now I want to show you some pictures with my amazing Nonna Rosa! Here we were making some pasta in a very old school way!